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Specialist help for child contact and family issues in UK Family Courts
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Court Without a Lawyer
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Derek, a client

Thank you so very much, you provided me with a great start in my fight for my littlens. I cannot thank you enough! They are so much happier now they have almost equal shared care from both me and their mother.”


A High Court judge:

"Mr Barry was granted right of audience, and represented the appellant extremely well. He was articulate and well-prepared. I am grateful for him keeping the strong feelings out of the case."

Andrew, a client

John, i cannot thank you enough for the work you have done for me and your enthusiasm and beliefs for the work you do is probably the only thing that made me carry on .”



We are founder members of the Society of Professional McKenzie Friends Ltd. The Society is a self-regulating Trade Association.

On this link you can see the standards of conduct to which we are held to account by the Society.

Examples of Our Work

Mother empowered to represent herself

I got to know Ray Barry through the Equal Parenting Alliance web-site help-line after complete and utter disappointment of my lawyer and their firm's handling of evidence and representation of my case.

I was going through a very acrimonious divorce and the residence of our daughter.  Most people who go through family law issues conventionally adopt the lawyer (legal) route because we are not familiar with alternative choices.  I knew very little about McKenzie Friends. Like everyone going down the lawyer route ends up spending everything they have. I did the same.

However I was not going to give up and chose to engage Ray and HR Family to assist me in my case. Meeting Ray was a breath of fresh air. More ...

Father regains contact with daughters

I first met John [Ison] after I had read about him in the local newspaper. I was having problems seeing my two daughters and was fed up of paying ridiculously high solicitor fees. I explained my situation to John who was compassionate, understanding and clearly wanted to help me. He represented me in court on numerous occasions. More ...

Father denied contact

A father contacted us. Shortly after the Family Court ordered that his daughter should live mainly with him, the mother complained to the Police that he had assaulted her. He denied it, but was still arrested and bailed. He feared this might lead to his daughter being taken from him. We advised him to do nothing. If, indeed, the mother was trying to reverse the residence order by making false allegations against him, this would back-fire on her when they were found to be false. He should hold his nerve, let the Police investigation run its course, and try to keep things at home as normal as possible for his daughter. If in the meantime the mother did apply to the Family Court to reverse the residence order, we would help him oppose that application at the time. In the end, no charges were brought against him, and no attempt was made to remove his daughter.

Father with depression

A father suffered depression for a year after leaving his wife, and by agreement he saw their daughter only occasionally. He conceded he had been in no fit state of mind to spend much time with his little girl. He was now much better, and felt able to see more of her, but the mother opposed this. After three detailed discussions with us, he decided that because he and his wife remained on reasonably good terms, he would not apply to court for contact, but would instead give it more time, demonstrate to her the improvements he had made, and seek to persuade her to agree to their daughter gradually spending week-ends with him.

CSA Problems

A veteran soldier lived with his son, and could not understand why he suddenly began receiving calls from a firm of bailiffs claiming he was in arrears of child support payments. His 10-year-old son was particularly distressed that people from the Child Support Agency might break into his home and take his things away.

On our advice, he obtained copies of his CSA file under his data protection rights, and discovered that an assessment was made six years previously while his son briefly lived with his mother, but that the CSA had not informed him about it at the time, or asked for payment. We advised him that under the regulations which applied at that time, a 6-year-old debt was now time-barred and could not therefore be enforced against him in a court. We wrote on his behalf to the chief exec of CSA, who agreed to write off the debt.

Ray helped father get contact with his daughter

I will never forget all the help and support I have received from Raymond Barry, at the time my ex-wife had stopped me from having all contact with my two year old daughter when she found out I had re-married. More ...

John helped Lee gain contact with his son

Lee contacted John Ison in 2004 having been recommended to him by the local authority. Within a short period of time John was counselling Lee and advising him on the best course of action to recommence contact with Lee’s son. John was Lee’s representative in court and also acted as a mediator between Lee and his ex-partner. More ...

From a County Court Judge

Children had been removed by Social Services, and the mother claimed the Police had wrongly arrested her and had assaulted her. Because of the mother's distressed state, the Judge allowed Ray Barry to act on her behalf, and present her case in court on her behalf. From the judgement:

“I decided to give Mr Barry right of audience. I have no doubt I made the right decision. Mr Barry has endeavoured to do his best and the trial has proceeded better and more fairly than if Ms x had tried to do it alone.”

From a High Court Judge

From the judgment of a High Court judge: a mother's appeal against restrictions placed on her seeing her daughter.

"Mr Barry was granted right of audience, and represented the appellant extremely well. He was articulate and well-prepared. I am grateful for him keeping the strong feelings out of the case."

Finally, a dad’s heart-felt words:

John, i cannot thank you enough for the work you have done for me and your enthusiasm and beliefs for the work you do is probably the only thing that made me carry on ( along with my daughter and Mum and Dad), I’m not a quitter and never have been or will be, but i would've given up the fight if it wasn't for your help and positively to keep going in all this ( even i have a breaking point).... i cannot put into words what you and my daughter have done for me and maybe never will be able to.  She is my world and if at the end of all this she is happy then i will be the happiest man in the whole world.. thank you so much John.. my 1st port of call when this is over and i get the decision i deserve, is a trip to see you with my daughter.. Thank You.. i will be eternally grateful to you and your passion for what you do.. I shed a tear typing this..