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Specialist help for child contact and family issues in UK Family Courts
Court Without a Lawyer.co.uk
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Court Without a Lawyer Community Interest Company. Company no. 7407783

Court Without a Lawyer
A Community Interest Company
Helping you to represent yourself in Court


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Derek, a client

Thank you so very much, you provided me with a great start in my fight for my littlens. I cannot thank you enough! They are so much happier now they have almost equal shared care from both me and their mother.”


A High Court judge:

"Mr Barry was granted right of audience, and represented the appellant extremely well. He was articulate and well-prepared. I am grateful for him keeping the strong feelings out of the case."

Andrew, a client

John, i cannot thank you enough for the work you have done for me and your enthusiasm and beliefs for the work you do is probably the only thing that made me carry on .”



About Us

We are friends who have each had to fight in Family Courts to remain involved in the lives of our children. From the experience we gained we formed this Community Interest Company to help others who are facing the same challenges.


We are not solicitors. We are lay people who have acquired a good knowledge of this area of law, and have first-hand experience of how the court process works in practice.

We are not in this for the money, but to help people who find themselves in a terrifying and distressing situation, often with no fault on their part.


In most cases, engaging a solicitor to apply for a child arrangements order for your children is an unnecessary expense at a time when you can least afford it. Acting in person (i.e. without a solicitor) can save you money and give you direct control over how your case is handled and presented.

We do not usually represent you in court, but instead we help you to represent yourself. This can be daunting even for someone who has done it before. Having someone at your side who can calmly advise and keep you on track can help you achieve your aims.




If you are separating from your spouse or partner, we advise:


keep children matters away from court wherever possible. Court proceedings are nearly always worse for all involved than agreements made between the parents.


If you do have to apply to court, in most cases you don’t need a solicitor. Family Law  not as complex as some areas of law, and most parents find they can conduct their own case, with a little help.