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Specialist help for child contact and family issues in UK Family Courts
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Derek, a client

Thank you so very much, you provided me with a great start in my fight for my littlens. I cannot thank you enough! They are so much happier now they have almost equal shared care from both me and their mother.”


A High Court judge:

"Mr Barry was granted right of audience, and represented the appellant extremely well. He was articulate and well-prepared. I am grateful for him keeping the strong feelings out of the case."

Andrew, a client

John, i cannot thank you enough for the work you have done for me and your enthusiasm and beliefs for the work you do is probably the only thing that made me carry on .”



Ray Barry MSc BD

I worked for Jobcentreplus for thirty years, specialising in helping disabled people return to work and hold an MSc qualification in this field. I have run a consultancy for the last five years helping employers to retain disabled employees, and enabling personal injury claimants to return to work. I have a Theology degree, and once trained as a priest. I enjoy running and keeping fit (a healthy body makes for a healthy mind!). I have three children who mean everything in the world to me, but I have encountered great difficulty keeping in touch with them since my wife left me ten years ago.

Experience as a Litigant in Person

I have nine years LIP experience, including approximately forty appearances in court, mainly in respect of Children Act proceedings. I have dealt with all related documentation, preparing and filing court applications, statements, affidavits, skeleton arguments, draft orders and taking notes of judgment. I have won three appeals: two at County Court level, and one in the Court of Appeal (Counsel was instructed for the final hearing). I have also won a Judicial Review. I have successfully defended myself twice against charges in Magistrates courts, and later made successful claims for damages against the Police for wrongful arrest.

Experience as a McKenzie Friend

I have given informal advice to mothers and fathers on numerous occasions. In doing so, my aim is to help and encourage them to agree arrangements for their children without involving the courts. On approximately twenty occasions, I have given detailed advice concerning litigation, assisting with the preparation of a case and filing applications and statements. In about ten of these cases I attended court with the litigant and I was granted right of audience on two occasions.

Other information about me

I have campaigned for reform to Family Law, organised publicity stunts for Fathers 4 Justice, and taken part in numerous radio and television debates, at regional and national levels. I am currently leader of a small political party, the Equal Parenting Alliance.

I have never committed any criminal offence and I hold an Advanced Criminal Records Bureau certificate, for voluntary work I do with children and vulnerable adults.

Ray Barry